The team

IncubaGEM is managed by the team of the Institute of Entrepreneurship :

  • Jean-Claude Lemoine, Director of the Institute
  • Kathia Ronez, Program Manager of the MS Entrepreneurship
  • Martine Jimenez, Project Coordinator of the Institute
  • Heather Theny, MS Entrepreneurship Coordinator

Equipe pédago

Each year, some students of the MS Entrepreneurship are actively participating to the recruitment of the start-ups and the life of the incubator.

At present, this year (2014/2015) the students in charge were :

  • François Issartel, coordinator
  • Édouard Delgatte, recruitment manager
  • Marie Gagnon, in charge of the life of the incubator
  • Alice Thoonsen, communication manager

IncubaGEM team

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